Terms and conditions for subscription to the service

• When the old certificate is closed and banned from Apple, you need to renew a new certificate for $ 1.29.

• -Certificate is revoked every 1-3 months (2 months average)
• Before requesting service and conversion please read the terms and conditions carefully

• Any error in the UDID code makes you lose your subscription because Apple does not allow us to modify or delete so please make sure it has been typed or copied correctly

• If the device is lost or disrupted, you can not use the subscription to another device and you need a new subscription at $ 19.99 or transfer the subscription of the previous device to the new device for $ 4.99.

• You can format your device and install applications again on the same device.

• The subscription amount can not be refunded after sending the UDID to the device.

• You agree that if we are forced to terminate our services for any future circumstances, the amounts paid are not refundable.

• Disclaimer: Applications are integrated with unofficial tools from the developer of the application and not authorized to use them. There are problems with notifications for duplicate versions.

• Subscription for one year, but I do not guarantee the continuation of applications for one year, because of Apple’s policy and blocking of third-party applications and also application developers may work to close these programs.

• Accept all iPAWiND service terms of service: https://ipawind.com/tos

• Your transfer of the subscription amount for one year means your acceptance of the above terms